VoNR And SMSoNR With Open Source Only Demonstrated At OSMNT’24

Our Chair “Next Generation Networks” at TU Berlin together with Kamilio SIP Server project, demonstrated live on April 17, 2024, during Open Source Mobile Network Technologies Conference the first open-source-only enabled VoNR and SMSoNR.

The SIM cards of the UEs were programmed with PySIM, the radio access was managed by srsRAN, while the 5G core network and IMS were built with Open5GS, Kamailio and PyHSS. Kamailio P-CSCF instance interacted with Open5GS directly using N5 interface for QoS and policy control, while Kamailio S-CSCF instance and PyHSS were used together for service and application routing policies. Two other Kamailio instances were used to perform the functions of I-CSCF and SMSC.

Next pictures show the local open-source-only private 5G stand alone network at TU Berlin AV during a demonstrative VoNR call setup and an exchange of SMSoNR.

The video recording of the demo done at our TU Berlin lab is presented below:

Should you be interested in collaborating with our team and 5G private network lab at TU Berlin AV, contact us.

With such amazing projects around, we trust more than ever that open source can play a key role in 5G evolution towards 6G!